The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a massive federal agency in Washington, DC, has proposed new regulations on small loans like those you use when you need credit. These new rules will put so many restrictions on products you use, including payday and title loans that you may no longer be able to qualify for a loan. The CFPB is making these rules without input from people like you-who use payday and other loans when they work for you. These new rules do not apply to other people and to other loan products. It is unfair that a government agency would act this way without asking how these rules might impact everyday consumers like you.

Since the CFPB didn’t ask, Financial Service Centers of America, Inc. (FiSCA), a national trade association that represents neighborhood lenders, is asking you to tell the government about how you will be affected if the credit you rely upon is no longer available. Through this website you can join with thousands of other customers to tell the CFPB you need credit and that you oppose these new rules.


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